If you haven’t seen last week’s edition of the Chiefland newspaper you missed a treat as our very own Sonny and Lydia were featured on the front page. It seems that Sonny Griffeth’s first business license for the Chiefland Farmers Flea Market was issued by the city of Chiefland on August 18, 1999. There was a write-up in the Chiefland Citizen of Mr. McCormick selling the market to Sonny. HAPPY ANNIVERSARY

You can download a copy of both articles by clicking on the links below to open up an Acrobat Reader copy of each of the articles in the Chiefland Citizen newspaper:

Chiefland Citizen 8/26/1999 – Sonny Buys Market from Mr. McCormick (3)

Chiefland Citizen 08/08/2019 – Business Anniversary for Chiefland Farmers Flea Market


Shady Oaks Farm on the corner of the Yellow and Blue rows will not be returning to us. 🙁 Their fresh cinnamon bread will be missed. If you are in the Mayo, Florida area on Fridays between 2:00pm to 6:00pm you might see her tent there.

But we are going to have a new Custom Baker who wants the same booth. Her name is Samantha and she is the daughter of one of our vendors on the Red Row Barefoot Stitches with Butterfly Kisses. Samantha’s business is called MYSTIC SWEETS and she is on Facebook. For now, she will be working out of her mom’s booth. She has samples and items to sell today so come on by booth 5 and 7 on Red Row. I gotta tell you the samples she gave me are delicious.

Toni’s Kitchen on the Corner of the Yellow and Red Rows is featuring her usual cold plates and in difference to the rainy weekend has made a pot of homemade chicken noodle soup that you can get with a grilled cheese sandwich. YUMMY!

Diane’s Restaurant has their usual homemade spaghetti meals with meatballs or sausages along with some good desserts inside those cake domes. Come on by the corner of the Green and Red Rows and check them out.

Stephanie Blackburn and her partner have returned early to the market and have rearranged and renovated their booth – Green Row Booth 21 as well as renamed it to The Round Table. They are working on getting several official licenses to sell anime and other sci-fi/fantasy items as well as creating a lovely new sign. They are also on Facebook now so check them out and drop on by to see what they have that’s new.

Sadly, because of all the rain today the Nevermore Acres Pet Rescue people will not be here this weekend. Hopefully, they will return next weekend.

Vendors – If you have a Facebook Business page and/or website you would like to share with our customers please contact the manager to be added to the next post.


The Pay to Spay Event here at the market last week seemed to be a big success. Sadly, we were not able to get any video from the coordinator but we did take a couple of pictures. We hope to see them back at the market again. If you appreciate these types of events please let the manager know so that we can schedule more.

August, 24, 2019 9:00 to 12:00

The Market is sponsoring a great question and answer lecture on Beginning Gardening in Florida. Al Hastings (Master Florida Gardener of Red Hollow Farms in Trenton, Fl) has agreed to give a lecture and answer your questions about Fall and Winter Gardening. The lecture is free and he will offer beginner plants for your garden at an excellent price. Check out the link for more information on gardening in Levy County Florida.

Red Row

Send us your questions beforehand and Al will make sure to answer them and/or have information to help you with your gardening.

We are looking forward to this event and hope you will share it with your friends and family on Facebook and come on by and give a listen.


We are still looking for more participates for our October 19, 2019 Support Local Author Event. If you are a published author or know of one who lives in the Tri-county area and would like to participate please contact the manager by using the CONTACT US form. So we can include you as well.