I don’t know if you felt it the other day but there was just a slight chill in the air. Of course, it was caused by not having any sun for most of the day and overnight but there does seem to be a slight lessening to the heat some days. Fall officially begins on September 22, 2020, and it was probably the most liked season everywhere. No, we don’t like the fact the leaves are going to start falling and we will have to rake or blow them into piles but just to feel the air cool just a bit here would be a welcomed addition to our stress-filled days.

Well, come on down and spend a few hours wandering around our great market. We have new vendors, old vendors, and everything in between. More shops are moving to other areas of the market and others are continuing to spruce up their little booths to attract more visitors.

Other Vendors

Every week we post separate pictures and information about all the different ‘food’ vendors in the market. Since this is an all-inclusive kind of place we grabbed a couple of pictures of interesting items around the market we wanted to highlight this week below.

Flock n’ Fancy on the red row always looks inviting and it very cool on the inside.

The Detour on the green row changes out their offerings with vintage and antique items on the green row.

The Leather Shop is now located on the green row and is up and running to full capacity.

Stever Persinger Professional Fishing Gear has lots more stuff on the blue row.

Amanda’s Place on the yellow row is getting a new look with a wall, a big window, and an actual door this week.

Buchanan’s Something for Everyone has a vintage collection of guns for sale in the booth on the black row.

Larry’s Guns and Ammo always has an interesting collection of items for sale on the corner of the green and orange rows.

Griffeth Tools and Lawn Mower Parts and Service on the corner of the yellow and down the orange row always has cool items for the handyperson needs for indoors and outdoors as well.

Food Vendors

Debbie The Fruit and Veggie Lady on the corner of the green and black rows.

Diane’s Snack Shack on the corner of the red and green rows has all their menu items and they make to order as well as offer afternoon full meals.

Dixie Woods Honey Shack in the middle of the black row

Sugar Momma’s Place on the corner of the yellow and blue rows has snacks and drinks on their cart and homebaked goods inside the shop. Drop on by and see what they have this weekend.

Toni’s Kitchen on the corner of the yellow and red rows is featuring Chicken Divine over White Rice and cheesy broccoli. She also has barbecue chicken and pulled pork sandwiches on a bun.

Our Early Saturday Morning Walk Around the Market