This weekend is full of fun and excitement with the semi-annual antique car show happening in the front yard of the market, the free haunted house and the vendors are even dressing up for the occasion. Bring your kids to go through the Haunted House. Adults can go through too. You might even get some candy for making it through. The parents can enjoy all the old classic cars and possibly even buying one for yourself. That is if anyone is willing to part with their beauties.

There are a wide variety of events happening in the Tri-County area this weekend and we are all competing for buyers and participants. There is plenty of time to get to all of them this weekend and our vendors will try to get you in and out as quickly as possible. More and more of our monthly vendors are creating Facebook pages and posting items that they sell for you to look over before you come by. For those who are looking for specific items this is a tremendous help to know where to go to get what you need. Of course, it can be fun just to walk along the wide rows out of the weather and enjoy the hunt and finding something unexpected.

We hope everyone has an enjoyable and safe weekend. Please remember to be on the look-out for darting kids in costumes on Thursday evening!

Restaurant Updates

Toni’s Kitchen is featuring a pot of homemade chili or even get yourself some homemade chicken pot pie.

Diane’s Restaurant has updated their menu board with their specials as well as offering their regular home cooked meals you can grab in a -To-Go-Box or sit down in their cafe area and enjoy while watching the crowds walk by.

Vendor and Events Updates

Our latest crafts vendor is offering classes on the Blue Row – Embey’s Vinyl and More. They have expanded their space and added some interesting touches to the outside of their booth. We hope you will try on by and pick up a class schedule, say, Hi!, purchase something they have made and “Like” their Facebook page:

We have heard that the “Game On” booth on the black row has decided to move over to a bigger space that has just become available on the Green Row. They have a wide and eclectic collection of video games, systems, LPs, CDs and more. They also created a public Facebook page and we hope you will “Like” it and share it with their friends. They are just beginning to list some of their items on the Facebook Marketplace.

Mystic Cottage is up and running while her mom’s booth Barefoot Stitches with Butterfly Kisses right next door is finally getting into shape. Come on by Saturday and Sunday and see what baked goods they have and grab a cup of fresh-brewed coffee as well. Please “Like” and “Share” their Facebook pages below.

Now enjoy pictures from around the market this weekend. You just never know what you are going to find until you come on out and see!