We hope everyone will be keeping themselves and their families safe this normally getting out in nature weekend. Even though we are not having the usual festivals, parades, and drunken weekend camping at the springs kinds of things (well maybe some of you are), we all should take the time to remember and honor those who have died in the service of our country. Yes, please have fun with the kids while keeping at least 6 feet away from strangers, eat lots of watermelons, go swimming if you can find a place with very little people, or even enjoy a bit of camping in the middle of the National forests. Those are all fun activities we can still do.

On Monday, we hope you will visit the local veteran’s cemetery, place a wreath, flag, or some coins on the headstones. Say a prayer for those still serving and putting themselves in harm’s way. Then go home and celebrate your life with your loved ones for the freedoms we still enjoy. – THANK YOU FOR YOUR SERVICE

Food Vendor Updates

Debbie the Fruit and Veggie Lady on the Black row has a nice selection of fruits and veggies this weekend fresh from the big Farmers Market.

Diane’s Snack Shop on the corner of the Green and Red rows has their usual homecooked meal deals happening this weekend. Come on by and check out the board.

Mystic Cottage on the corner of the Yellow and Blue Rows is experimenting with Ice Cream Cupcakes, looks yummy, as well as her turnovers, Buckeyes and cheesecake. Sadly, she ran out of cinnamon rolls early. If you want any for Sunday better stop by today and order or contact her on her Facebook Page.

Toni’s Kitchen on the corner of the Yellow and Red Row is featuring lots of veggie meals this weekend including cheesy squash spaghetti, stuffed bell peppers, cabbage rolls, and lovely sweet corn on the cob.

Vendor Updates

Game on in March 2020

Game On on the Green Row remains closed for most of the weekend again this weekend due to illness in the family.

Flo's From March 2020

Flo’s Alterations on the Green Row is closed this weekend, Flo is in the hospital

Hope's Cottage

Hope’s Cottage is opening up a booth on the Green Row soon.

Tin Lizzie one of the newer vendors who has transferred her booth into an inviting working space where you can come in and order your personalized items for her to create, sometimes even while you walk around the Market. Come on by booth 8 on the Red Row and see what she has to offer.

George’s Place on the corner of the Green and Blue Rows has all kinds of flags for this weekend as well as caps for each branch of the military and every war too.

Dixie Depot the long booth on the Yellow Row that goes all the way down to the corner of the Blue row also has Flags for Sale as well as knives, zippo lighters and much more.

Larry’s Guns and Ammo

on the Green row and the corner of the Orange row has a fine collection of handguns as well as the ammunition for each. Come on down and check them out.

Pictures from Around the Market Saturday