Black Friday is coming soon. Are you ready? Come on down to the market and see what great deals and unusual finds from our many vendors. Almost all the booths are rented and there is some great merchandise available at some great prices. Our vendors provide new, used, antique, and handcrafted goods of all kinds. You just never know what you are going to find. Now that we are back opened on Fridays that is three whole days of great bargains and super merchandise to find and purchase.

Of course, you can get your exercise in by walking up and down and around all the rows. We also have two great restaurants to grab a meal or a snack and something cool to drink to get refreshed while doing all that great walking. You can pick dinner to take home. You can grab some fresh fruits, veggies, and still get some fresh seafood. Occasionally we have vendors with other kinds of foodstuff too. You just have to keep looking.

Remember if you need some information about Medicare and changing your coverage there is a young lady on the Black row on Saturday who can help you out.

Remember some of our regular vendors have moved to other spots either into smaller or bigger slots. We always have new vendors giving our market a try and sadly, others have left and finally, we have others who might not be able to open due to illness or family emergencies.

Please be patient and keep coming each weekend to support our local small businesses here at the Market.