Dang, y’all I thought we were in central Florida! All of our brave vendors are here and waiting for you to come on by and say, hi, and grab yourself some great bargains, one-of-a-kind handmade items and foodstuffs. From fresh fruits and veggies to home-cooked meals we got you covered. Please dress warmly and in layers. You can even use all the rows as an exercise course to keep moving along. Some of our enclosed vendors are running their heaters to help keep the chill off. Sorry, no bonfires, please.

Vendor Specials and Info

The Key Guy has moved from the Orange Row to the Blue Row where the parts person was before. He hasn’t got everything quite set up yet so we will take pictures next weekend.

Southern Women Crafts on the Yellow Row will be moving her winter type crocheted items out of her booth at the end of February. So if you want to get yourself or a friend a hand-crocheted scarf, hat or fingerless gloves come on by and get them at 50% off the listed price.

Cozie Cottage on the Red Row has created some Easter Tea Towels and Scrubbie Sets. Come on by their little shop and see what other bright and colorful handcrafted items they have for sale this weekend.

Johnson’s Computers and Repairs on the Black row wanted everyone to know he is here but in his car. So just tap on the window and he will come out and assist you with your computing needs.

Steve Persinger’s Tackle Box Emporium on the Blue Row has a huge inventory of fish and tackle stuff they also have colorful scrub tops

Food Vendor Updates

Diane’s Snack Shop on the corner of the Green and Red Rows has a nice menu of home-cooked meals to choose from as well as breakfast and snack foods. Of course, there are also some great desserts as well.

Toni’s Kitchen on the corner of the Yellow and Red Rows is baking up some pork chops over rice with green beans and blueberry muffins for this weekend.

Mystic Cottage on the corner of the Yellow and Blue Rows is creating her special cinnamon rolls, cherry and apple turnovers, Buckeyes, blueberry muffins and no-bake cookies for this weekend.

Debbie the Veggie Lady on the Corner of the Green and Black Rows has Plant City Strawberrys in flats and pints. She also has some great citrus fruits this weekend that you can core out the center pour in your favorite alcoholic beverage (I like rum or vodka myself) put back in the core and let sit for a spell. Later just peel and eat. Might keep you warm later. 😉

This weekend I keep humming that ‘Signs’song. You know the one, ‘Signs, Signs, Everywhere Signs’, so I went around the market taking pictures of the various signs on the different rows. I didn’t realize there were so many monthly vendors with great signs posted in their booths or outside their entrances. Enjoy the picture show below