One Week Till Thanksgiving

Hey everybody! Hope you and yours are doing well this weekend. We have less than one week until the big Thanksgiving holiday is here and the even more crazy, “Black Friday Specials” the very next day. We may not have a lot of brand-new items here at the market but we do have a lot of handcrafted, one-of-a-kind and antique items throughout the market for you to find and purchase to help reduce that gift-giving list. Be different this year, shop at local small businesses!

Welcome November 2019

Hello and welcome November. It is turning out to be an interesting kind of change. Last month we are bouncing around the Eighties and Nineties and even still having named storms. Now with the first weekend of the month the temperatures are dipping down below the fifties. It’s time for everyone to get their layering techniques down again. Come on down to the market and get some fresh fruits, homegrown vegetables from the local farm, hot boiled peanuts and even check out the restaurants to see what they have in store for the weekend. Of course, walking around the rows looking at all the many varied items that our vendors offer is always fun.

Weather Permitting and Changes to Events

It was very disappointing but with the threatening weather of a named storm passing through the north Florida area all but one of the authors decided they didn’t want to take a chance driving over for the say. We have rescheduled the event for November 16, 2019 and we will be located in the front yard area underneath the oak trees in tents. We will be inviting published authors, artists who want to attend, graphic artists and others who can help a local writer get published and hopefully even make some money doing it. We hope that the local libraries and middle and high school Creative Writing/Journalism teach might come on by too.

Last Weekend June 2019

We have finally reached the last weekend in June. It is sad when we wish the days to pass quickly but most of our vendors hope for cooler weather and the return of our northern visitors. Don’t get get us wrong we love our local buyers too but right now everyone local is on vacation, spending money keeping cool and spending time with their kids swimming, boating, fishing, etc. Also, the summer crops are in and everyone is pretty busy getting those to market hoping to make lots of money to catch up on the bills before they can even think about spending money on collectibles and other fun things our vendors offer.

Second Weekend in June 2019

Welcome to our first Friday weekly post for the market. We hope to include great information for our customers and vendors too. Most of the posts from now on will be in about the same format with news and specials from the vendors, upcoming events you might want to add to your calendar and a recap of the previous weekend. The posts will automatically be added to the Facebook page once the new website is up and running.