Where Did the Sun Go

‘Heavens to Betsy’ where did the dang sun go? It was supposed to be mostly sunny today or at least I thought that was what the weather channel had listed a couple of days ago. Make sure you dress in layers today. It is just a little bit chilly out here and with no sun the concrete hallways or a bit damp. BUT our vendors are here and working hard and you really just never know what you are going to find in any of the rows these days.

Black Friday Coming

Black Friday is coming soon. Are you ready? Come on down to the market and see what great deals and unusual finds from our many vendors. Almost all the booths are rented and there is some great merchandise available at some great prices. Our vendors provide new, used, antique, and handcrafted goods of all kinds. You just never know what you are going to find. Now that we are back opened on Fridays that is three whole days of great bargains and super merchandise to find and purchase.

Of course, you can get your exercise in by walking up and down and around all the rows. We also have two great restaurants to grab a meal or a snack and something cool to drink to get refreshed while doing all that great walking. You can pick dinner to take home. You can grab some fresh fruits, veggies, and still get some fresh seafood. Occasionally we have vendors with other kinds of foodstuff too. You just have to keep looking.

Remember if you need some information about Medicare and changing your coverage there is a young lady on the Black row on Saturday who can help you out.

Remember some of our regular vendors have moved to other spots either into smaller or bigger slots. We always have new vendors giving our market a try and sadly, others have left and finally, we have others who might not be able to open due to illness or family emergencies.

Please be patient and keep coming each weekend to support our local small businesses here at the Market.

Winter Changes in Rates and Days

Beginning November 6, 2020, the market will be returning to the old days of being opened Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. However, there is also a small rate increase for inside and outside booths as well as the monthly lock-ups. The new rates have been posted to the NEW VENDOR page for future reference and below as well.

Friday $6.00
Saturday $12.00
Sunday $12.00
Three or more books 15% off
Inside booth size is 100 sq ft

Friday $6.00
Saturday $12.00
Sunday $12.00
No discounts on Outdoor booths
Outside booth size will be 100 sq ft
All booths come with 3 Tables

Monthly Rates
One Booth $112.00
Two Booths $224.00
Three Booths $286.00
Four Booths $385.00
Booths and 1/2 are special priced see Lydia for more information

Vendor Updates

Come sign-up for the annual Thanksgiving Dinner sponsored and catered by Toni’s Kitchen on the corner of the Yellow and Red rows. Please drop by her booth sometime in the next two weekends to let her know if you are attending and how many people will be with you. She is only charging $5.00 per meal with the drinks being extra. Right now she has sweet tea, lemonade or soda water for $1.50.

The Menu will include the following:
Turkey or Ham
Mashed Potatoes
Dressing (Oyster or Regular)
Green Beans or Corn

For dessert, you have your choice of
Bread Pudding
Pumpkin Pie
Pecan Pie
Pecan Cake

Lunch begins at 11:00 am on November 25, 2020, and will go until they run out of food. I would get there early.

Our Morning Walk Around the Park

Welcome to October Everybody

Welcome to the second week of October 2020. We have weathered storms, shutdowns, and are still bracing for the upcoming elections. No matter what your party affiliations or political leanings we hope that every single adult person who is eligible to register is registered and votes. Your mail-in ballot will work, your early voting will work, and even showing up on the day of the election will work. You simply cannot affect change without participating in the process. It is shaping up to be a very interesting election day. And if every single person in America votes there are bound to be great changes as well.

Vendor Updates

End of September – Hello October

If you haven’t been out to the market recently you might as well come on by and grab up some fall decorations and knick-knacks. It is the time of year that we hope the weather will cool off enough for the kids to enjoy dressing up for Halloween. Of course, with all the strangeness going around, social distancing, and what have you there are bound to be some changes in our regular routines. You might as well have a little fun with it too.