Happy Independence Day everybody. Enjoy the respite in the weather with the quick showers we are having. Come on down and check out all of our loyal vendors and some new ones as well. The market is a great place to discover old and new as well as handcrafted items. We wish all of our vendors and their families as well as our customers and theirs a safe and happy holiday weekend. Drive safe out there, wear your facemasks in public and stay 6 feet apart from others [But it’s okay to get close if you are living together 😉 ]

Hot Holidays Coming Soon

It’s hot and the holidays are coming soon. The most notable one is Independence Day. The day we declared in one voice that we are Independent of England! We fought and won our freedom to create a more perfect union. Of course, establishing justice for ourselves and our prosperity was why we ordained and established the Constitution in the first place. Just celebrating that is more than enough to enjoy this holiday weekend coming up with your friends and family…while respecting the social distancing thing too.

Happy Fathers Day and Keep Cool Yall

Looks like summer has decided to start early this week. Hot and muggy afternoons so y’all come on over in the mornings and check out what all our various vendors have to offer this weekend. There is collectibles, vintage stuff, new items as well as handmade items available all around the market. There are places to pick up any tools or gadgets you need, your lawnmower serviced, pick up some new fishing gear, your keys duplicated (and recreated if lost), signs made, a notary, and even website designers if you have decided to go into business. You can grab some snacks, a full meal, fresh fruits and veggies, and lots more. Even in the afternoon quite a few of our vendors are rocking the ac units and fans to help keep everyone just a little cooler as they visit. Of course, you can pick up some ice cream too.

Another Week Till Fathers Day

It’s only another week till Father’s Day. If you need to shop for some unusual or ‘hard-to-find’ items for your dad come on down and see what we have available. For those with ‘Father-type’ people in their lives count as well. It is just a special set aside for those male counterparts of the family equation who have provided for us, taught us needed lessons or just been there when we needed them. Some of our readers no longer have those people in their lives, some are those people. It is still a great day to have a family meal, have a get-together, or just go out and spend some time outdoors. Barbecuing, camping, picnicking, boating, fishing and any other outdoorsy activity is great right now before the real stormy season begins. Get your supplies and equipment ready this weekend for the next!

Rainy Outside but Dry Inside Market

We hope everyone is being safe out there today. It’s raining pretty good which makes all the crops and grass happy but us people not so much. Come on down and see what all our vendors have to offer today and tomorrow. They have everything from fresh fruits and veggies, fireworks, firearms, and even antiques and collectibles. Some vendors offer handcrafted items like “made to order” wooden signs, etched glass, and homemade baked goods and preserves. We have two full-service restaurants for you to try that provide homecooked meals and snacks.
Be safe and come on down.