20th Anniversary for Sonny

If you haven’t seen last week’s edition of the Chiefland newspaper you missed a treat as our very own Sonny and Lydia were featured on the front page. It seems that Sonny Griffeth’s first business license for the Chiefland Farmers Flea Market was issued by the city of Chiefland on August 18, 1999. There was a write-up in the Chiefland Citizen of Mr. McCormick selling the market to Sonny. HAPPY ANNIVERSARY

Second Weekend in August 2019

The weekend before the school kids go back is fairly hectic time of year. Even though most of our vendors here don’t have all the usual “school” supplies you just never know until you try. So we hope to see you and yours coming by and enjoying the great food at our two restaurants, finding treasures in many of our booths and even pick up some of your supplies for the coming school year. Remember next week to be aware of our school zones and please stop when school buses stop to let children out. Going back to school earlier than usual is through everyone off just a little so please be patient.

Happy 1st Weekend in August

Happy first weekend in August 2019 everybody! Boy has the last couple of weeks been a little wet, sometimes even cooler like Fall wants to start early but just can’t. Personally, I would welcome 4 or 5 months of Fall weather but I guest that wouldn’t be good for the farmers out there.

We are gearing up in the Market with more events for you to enjoy, our long-time vendors are slowly coming back from vacation and we have gotten a couple of new ones with lots of very cool stuff for you to buy. There is always lots of things going on here at the market Friday to Sunday and we hope that you will take some time and come on out. School will be back in session very soon and our northern visitors will be making their way south for the season. Now is a great time for locals to check out what we have been doing to improve the market, our great new vendors and our especially popular regular long-time ones as well.

Last Weekend in July 2019

Hey, everybody! Hope you and yours are staying dry and safe out there. We hope to see everyone at least one of the three days we are open this weekend because you just never know what you are going to find here at the Market. Sonny and his helper have been working on converting a couple of booths on the Red Row into enclosed Booth and a half. You can add the walls and windows to your booth if you don’t like the chain link fence and would perhaps be able to run a small ac unit for you and your customers.

Happy Third Weekend July 2019

Is is hot enough for ya? Storms and hot, muggy weather is the norm for the next 4 to 6 weeks folks and we here at the Chiefland Farmer’s Flea Market are right there with you. We do have large shade trees covering most of the metal buildings here and quite a few of our regular monthly vendors are running fans and small air conditioning units. Of course, coming early in the morning is good too before the heat settles in for the afternoon. More and more people are heading out for vacations and a few more of our vendors are doing that as well. However, you just never know what you are going to find here just for the fun of it, to collect or to use on your very own vacation.