The Chiefland Farmers Flea Market is opened for business. We have the same hours 8 am to 4 pm but will only be opened to the public on Saturdays and Sundays for the foreseeable future. We have some of the same vendors and some new ones and a couple have moved to other spots within the market. Everyone here today is busy with customers, cleaning booths, and re-arranging stock. The two restaurants are up and running and our little baker is running around with her cart of goodies. You can grab some fresh fruits and veggies on the Black row along with fresh local honey. There are handcrafted items everywhere as well as new, gently used, and antique items.

We hope to see everyone out and about this weekend. Don’t forget about Mom now she deserves a cute trinket, collectibles, and some fresh fruits. Hey, the Avon lady is even here today! Of course, there are several vendors selling handcrafted cotton facemasks in different sizes, shapes, and a rainbow of colors. For those wanted to shop ahead for Father’s Day next month, we have fishing supply vendors, sporting goods, and guns and ammo dealers around the market to find that just perfect gift.

Restaurants and Food Vendors

Toni’s Kitchen on the corner of the yellow and red rows will be featuring a barbecue riblet and baked bean dinner this weekend.

Diane’s Snack Shack located on the corner of the green and red rows has its full menu of homemade meals posted on the chalkboard.

Mystic Cottage on the corner of the yellow and blue rows has freshly made cheesecake (might be gone already), thumbprint cookies, and more. They are in the process of expanding their menu for the summer. Drop on by and say, hi!

Debbie the Fruit and Veggie Lady has different days and hours as well. Check out her booth on the corner of the Black and Green rows.

Weather King Sheds Update

Miss Lydia and Miss Vicki have been quite busy over the last couple of weeks selling off their well-built Weather King Sheds. The company has delivered new ones to fit into the space of those sold. Come on very and check them out. You know you check gotta have another storage unit, mother-in-law suite, guest quarters or he/she shed on your property.

Pictures from Around the Market