If you haven’t been out to the market recently you might as well come on by and grab up some fall decorations and knick-knacks. It is the time of year that we hope the weather will cool off enough for the kids to enjoy dressing up for Halloween. Of course, with all the strangeness going around, social distancing, and what have you there are bound to be some changes in our regular routines. You might as well have a little fun with it too.

The market will be featuring our scary haunted house again this year. Kids can come by check it out and even get a little bit of candy for their trouble. Since Halloween falls on a Saturday this year it will be a great time for all the vendors to dress up as their favorite hero and have a bucket of candy handy for the kids cruising through in their costumes.

Enjoy our early morning ride around the market and a peek at what sheds we still have available this week.