The first weekend of June has come and gone and we survive another scorching three days. The Chiefland Watermelon Festival was Saturday and probably did affect the amount of money the vendors made this week. It really couldn’t be helped and we will just have to keep on trucking to the next week and hope for the best. The surprising thing was it really poured down rain on Sunday and helped cool off the hallways and booths all around.

There are at least three vendors taking the summer off, The Leather Shop guy (Yellow Row) heading out west to visit relatives and take some time off and should be back in September. The new vendor Shady Oak Farms on the corner of Yellow and Blue Rows is taking the summer off and will be back at the end of August when the kids go back to school. This weekend was the last weekend for Betty and Richard Black Row Booths 2 and 4 (Handcrafted items and wood signs) are also taking time away from the market for the summer months.

Toni’s Kitchen wants everyone to know that the seafood poor boys seem to be a favorite among her customers and she will continue to make them for a little while longer. We will start each week beginning next Friday with a Specials report from the Restaurants. Toni’s Kitchen on corner of Yellow and Red Rows and Diane’s Place on the corner of Green and Blue Rows are having any kinds of special foods or desserts for the weekend we will be sure to let you know.

It seems a clothes vendor on the Green row moved out and another “This and That” vendor on the Blue Row is also cleared. The Orange Row Booth 4 and 6 has a new vendor who states that they are making up signs “Hers <- His -> Lidlbit of Everything” and they have “Manly items” on his side, antiques and fine glassware on Her side and the daughter handcrafts jewelry and accessories with beads and buttons. Interesting….. and Welcome

All vendors are welcome to attend the weekly marketing meetings at the market on Wednesdays at 1:00pm. Remember us small businesses needs to stick together and help each other out with liking, sharing and commenting on each other’s social media pages; getting to know what we all sell so when someone asks we can refer them, participate in the market events when you can; and now is the time to spruce up your booths (CHECK OUT THE BUCHANAN’s BOOTH ON THE BLACK ROW – NICE!) and rearrange things a little bit. You never know it just might attract more visitors and buyers.