Our version of winter has started this month with frost on the windows in the morning and the temps dipping down into the 40s and sometimes even the 30s this past week. As with all Florida weather just wait a little while and it will change to something you might like better. Personally, we could use a bit more frosting to try and kill off the large quantity of mosquitoes before spring. Of course, we really need the rain too.

Enough of that! Come on down to the market, rain or shine, and see what all of our great vendors have to offer this weekend. We are almost full again so those wanting booths this weekend, even outside, better call the office today. Some of our vendors do have a tendency to be here one week and gone the next but that’s to be expected. We still have our die-hard regulars and quite a few of those are opening on Fridays too trying to help you get ready for the holidays and get your gift shopping done early. You just really never know what you are going to find here until you drop on by and see. And, more and more of our vendors are beginning to take Credit Cards! Those that do will have signs posted in their booth. If not, ask them, that way if you run out of cash you should still be able to purchase those “hard-to-find” items when you do. Yes, we do have an ATM machine here should you need that.

Market Events and Vendor Specials

Joanne’s Odyssey – Blue Row Booth 26 is helping to sponsor a community event this holiday season. Take an angel off the Christmas tree located at the corner of the Yellow and Blue Rows, fulfill the wish/need of the child or family listed, wrap the gift(s) up and return them and the angel to Joanne at her booth or to Lydia at the market office before December 21st. If you know of someone who might need help go the Joanne’s booth and she will write-up an angel for you. Everything is handled by numbers and the recipients and givers are kept private. So be a “Secret Santa” to one of your family, friends or neighbors in the area this year!

The Dixie Woods Honey House on the Black Row has several different kinds of honey for sale including Black Tupelo Honey. It is considered a baking honey with a smooth, buttery taste and less expensive than the White Tupelo Honey you see priced at around $29 a pound. We bought a small bear for only $6.50 and will be trying it out soon. From what we have read the Black Tupelo may granulate whereas the White never will. Sadly, with Hurricane Micheal it pretty much wiped out almost every single leaf on the tupelo (gum) trees and quite a few bee colonies too. The Northwest Florida beekeepers are slowing building up the hives again and the area is trying to recuperate. Give Dixie Woods Honey’s version a try and see what you think.

Come on by Ray’s Antiques on the Corner of the Black and Yellow Rows and wish Ray a “Happy 80th Birthday”. There will be cake on Sunday around 10:30 provided by his daughter, Pam, of Pam’s Treasures.

Cannon Demonstration on December 14, 2019 will be in the front grassy area of the market. Be prepared for loud booms most of the afternoon. Stop on by either on the way in or out and say, hello, to the re-enacters. Who knows you might come across one of your neighbors or even be allowed to dress up and join in on the fun.

You still have a couple of days left to fill out the Shopper Contest Form that the Market is participating with the Chiefland Citizen newspaper. There are forms outside the office at the information kiosk, Jolene in her Southern Women Crafts booth on the Yellow Row and Diane’s Restaurant on the corner of Green and Red Rows. There may be other places around the market you can pick up the form so be on the look-out for the above. Just fill it out and hand it in to the place you found it for your chance at coupons, prizes and more. Must be completed prior to December 15, 2019!

Our Restaurants

Diane’s Restaurant located on the corner of the Green and Red rows have a wide variety of fast food as well as home-cooked meals and desserts available. Drop on by any Friday, Saturday or Sunday for Breakfast, Lunch or take home a dinner.

Toni’s Kitchen located on the corner of the Yellow and Red rows is working on a fairly nice-sized chunk of pork roast for this weekend. She has also featuring Broccoli Soup, Chili and Great Northern Beans with Cornbread. You can also get a fresh, hot breakfast meal or sandwich every morning too.

Pictures From Around the Market

Enjoy our picture slide show of our vendors, their shops and the many interesting things you can find while visiting here this weekend.