WOW! It is now 2020. Where does the time go? What will this new year and new decade bring? Hopefully, lots of great bargains for our customers and plenty of sales for our vendors. The market is constantly changing with old vendors moving out and new ones coming in just as there are those who have been here for years. We hope you and yours will take the time to come on out this weekend and enjoy a stroll around the market, looking for bargains and great merchandise while you stay out of the rain. It is supposed to be a sunny but cool Sunday so a great time to come on over and see what you can find for yourself too. No matter which day you choose we look forward to seeing you.

Restaurant Findings

Toni’s Kitchen is cooking up some Chicken Pot Pie and Chili this weekend. She is even thinking of making some brownies. You will have to stop by her booth on the corner of the Yellow and Red Rows and ask her about them

Diane’s Snack Shack has all their usual fare as well as some really yummy looking desserts. She is still thinking of selling her spot with all her equipment and remaining inventory for a really good price. So if you think you would like to create a quaint little food place here in the market then stop by and talk it over with the owners. They are on the corner of the Green and Red Rows.

Vendor Updates

Southern Women Crafts on the Yellow Row – Booth 4 is having a 50% all Crocheted Items for the entire month of January. Please stop on by and see what great items she has available that are all machine washable, machine dryable and made with 100% acrylic yarn. Fun colors and fun items.

Movies and More has moved from their spot on the Green row 17, 19 to a smaller booth on the Green Row 44. The old booth isn’t rented yet for anyone interested in the space. Come on down and check it out before it goes!

Jim and Judy’s Dusty Dollar on the Yellow Row 37-45 is closing after this weekend for a little while due to some health issues that they need to resolve. Hopefully, they will be back soon.

VanDyk Coffee is moving into the booth on the Black Row 25, 27. She not only offers fresh-ground coffees she will be offering fresh and saltwater fish for sale too. Once she gets set up we will be taking pictures for the Facebook page to share.

Karen Conner Sewing Crafts and Embroidery will be setting up on the Red Row the second weekend in January, Second Weekend in February and first weekend in March.

Suzi’s Jewelry – Custom Designs and Repairs will be setting up a booth on the Red Row as well. Come on over this weekend and check it out. If she does well she may even open a monthly booth.

Debbie Busser of Ain’t No Museum – Green Row Booth 13, 15 has been sick and in the hospital since after Christmas she is finally home and still recovering. We wish her a speedy recovery.

Till next week and keep checking our Facebook Page. In the meantime, below are some pictures we took while ambling around on Friday morning.