You wouldn’t think that June would have 5 weekends but strangely enough this year it does. We have had quite a bit of rain lately which is nice as everything is going green again but when it stops it seems to get hotter and muggier, if that is possible. That is really a shame as it probably means that July and August are going to be worse?!?!?!

If you haven’t done so already you might want to check out the Levy County Emergency Management website at:

Register for their Emergency Text Alerts and Read over the “8 Week Disaster Kit Shopping List”. Vendors at the Market have lots of those supplies that you might be looking for including tools, tarps and more. We are also trying to arrange a seminar before the real hurricane season begins in September.

Our open vendors today are looking forward to serving you and for the rest of the weekend too. Come on by and beat the crowds and you just never know what you will find. Remember, Friday’s are FREE BOOTH RENTAL DAYS when you reserve for the whole weekend! If not today then Saturday or Sunday when our booths are only $12/day. Dress for the weather and stop on by Toni’s Kitchen or Diane’s Snack Shop to get yourself an ice cold drink or ice cream treat as well as a delicious home-cooked meal.

Pam’s Treasures on the Black Row is having quite a sale this weekend as she is consolidating her booths into one for the summer months. Come on by and see her $.50 and $1.00 specials on her glassware and collectibles.

Steve Persinger on the Blue Row is setting up again for Saturday and Sunday selling his Professional Rods, Reels, Lures and Clothing Line. Come on by and talk about “Catching Fish” not just going fishing. You know it’s still snapper season out there.

Last weekend we had quite a crowd here on Saturday and lots of weekend vendors even though it was hot and muggy. Sunday was Father’s Day so we didn’t get as many as we had hoped but still quite a crowd wandered through all through the day. If you were unable to come we missed you and hope you will be here this weekend!