Keep hydrated everyone as we say goodbye to July and Hello to August. It is definitely a warm one out there with intermittent bouts of rain every now and again. Sadly, all the vendors who have air conditioners are running them as soon as they get to the market in the mornings so that by the time it gets to be around noon or 1:00 some of the fuses are popping off from the overload. We ask you for patience when this happens. We are all investigating ways to keep cool throughout the afternoon.

Vendor Updates

Toni’s Kitchen is closed on the yellow row

The Leather Guy on the Green Row is opened

Still have some vendors closed for the summer while others have opened up a little early.

Keeping Cool During the Summer

Wear Breathable Clothing – Natural, Lightweight Cottons are best, yes, keep modestly covered helps dry up perspiration.

Always stay hydrated – drinking plain water rather than carbonated drinks, sports drinks or anything with too much sugar

Apply Cold Pressure Strategically – carry with your a couple of clean washrags, you can pore cold water on them then place them on your neck and or wrist throughout the day.

Battery-Powered personal fans – small, lightweight that will keep the wind circulated around you.

A Walk Around the Market on Saturday