Happy first weekend in August 2019 everybody! Boy has the last couple of weeks been a little wet, sometimes even cooler like Fall wants to start early but just can’t. Personally, I would welcome 4 or 5 months of Fall weather but I guest that wouldn’t be good for the farmers out there.

We are gearing up in the Market with more events for you to enjoy, our long-time vendors are slowly coming back from vacation and we have gotten a couple of new ones with lots of very cool stuff for you to buy. There is always lots of things going on here at the market Friday to Sunday and we hope that you will take some time and come on out. School will be back in session very soon and our northern visitors will be making their way south for the season. Now is a great time for locals to check out what we have been doing to improve the market, our great new vendors and our especially popular regular long-time ones as well.


If you didn’t get a chance to give blood yesterday here at the market we hope to host the Life South Bloodmobile again very soon. Keep checking our Events on Facebook and our website for future posts.

Please bookmark our Calendar Page to keep track of all the upcoming events. Just a reminder for all of our customers who need to spay/neuter a pet the Pay to Spay, Inc non-profit group out of Gainesville is currently taking appointments for their inexpensive service and will be here on August 11th on the Black Row. We are working on having them come back again so if you cannot make it that weekend or the appointments fill up before you can contact and pay just let them know that you would like them to return to the market again.

You can download their application by clicking here -> PayToSpayApplication

We still have some seats available at our upcoming Fall and Winter Gardening for Beginners on August 24, 2019. It should really be a very nice talk with a question and answer session at the end. The speaker is a former Florida Master Gardener with a Farm of his own now. He will be bringing some beginner plants and selling them for only a $1.00 per cup. Go on our Facebook Event Page and Click on the “Going” button if you want to attend.

We are inviting all Tri-county area published authors to come on down and introduce yourself and your published stories to all of our customers in October. Please contact the main office if you would like to be included. We will be posting more about this event soon.


The Detour – on the Green Row has expanded their business space. We are currently creating short videos of each of the vendors willing to go on camera and Chuck and his lovely wife was our first today. We should have the video ready soon and will post it on the Facebook page. Thanks guys.

Enjoy some more pictures from around the market for the last two days below.