If you haven’t done it yet we hope you will get out there to one of your county’s local early voting places and vote in the preliminary elections. Your votes count and now is a great time for those who don’t like crowds or waiting till the last minute to get things down is a great time to vote. Mail-in Ballots are fine and even voting on those special days will do as well. At least you voted. Participation in the process is important for all of us. Enough of that.

Come on down and enjoy the many great vendors here at the market. You can get new, used, antique, and handmade items of all kinds all over the market. You can get some food, a snack and even a full-course meal. You can get fresh fruits, veggies, and even farm-fresh eggs as well as locally sourced honey. We have vendors that sell knives, swords, guns and ammo, fishing gear, and lots of used appliances.


Lora’s Gift Shop on the Green Row closed this weekend.

Southern Women Crafts on the Yellow Row will be going on vacation beginning 08/09/2020 and will be back the weekend of 08/22/2020. BUT you can always order items from her online store https://swconlinestore.com

The Leather Shoppe is back and opened on the Green Row now. Drop on by and see what he and his lovely assistant have to offer in the way of leather goods.

Things Remembered on the Blue Row is pretty well finished with her renovations and re-arranging. Drop on by and see what’s new

Food Venders

Toni’s Kitchen on the corner of the Yellow and Red rows is featuring Seafood Jambalaya plate or cold cut sandwiches (Ham, Turkey or Chicken) with fries.

Diane’s Snack Shack on the corner of the Green and Red Rows has all their usual homemade meals as well a very refreshing looking meringue pie of some kinds on display

Pictures From Walking Around the Market This Morning