Happy Easter Everyone. We hope you and yours will have a safe but enjoyable holiday in whichever way you choose to celebrate it. The market does not have anything special planned but the vendors may be giving away candy so if you get a chance come on by on Sunday. It will be a glorious day with lots of sunshine and just a little bit of a nip in the air. Our slideshow today is pretty great as we captured most of the open vendors and we have had quite a crowd moving in and about all day long. There is still time so come on by and see what we have.

We might have a couple of monthly spaces for those of you who wish to start your own business. Contact Lydia on Fridays for more information. She is here on Saturday and Sunday as well but is less busy on Fridays. We have some great holidays coming up and hope to have more specials and events in the coming months. Let the office know if you are having a special sale in your booth, are featuring holiday-type products, and would like pictures taken of your booth. Vendors don’t forget to Like, Share, Comment, and Subscribe to our social media pages and share your own.

The Weather King Sheds area has been updated with new sheds and new price sheets. We will be updating that page this weekend.

Saturday Walk Around the Market