Looks like summer has decided to start early this week. Hot and muggy afternoons so y’all come on over in the mornings and check out what all our various vendors have to offer this weekend. There is collectibles, vintage stuff, new items as well as handmade items available all around the market. There are places to pick up any tools or gadgets you need, your lawnmower serviced, pick up some new fishing gear, your keys duplicated (and recreated if lost), signs made, a notary, and even website designers if you have decided to go into business. You can grab some snacks, a full meal, fresh fruits and veggies, and lots more. Even in the afternoon quite a few of our vendors are rocking the ac units and fans to help keep everyone just a little cooler as they visit. Of course, you can pick up some ice cream too.

Be safe, treat your dad, pop, father, father-in-law, or just a very influential ‘father figure’ to something special from one or more of our great vendors.

Just Enjoy the Slideshow this weekend