Happy Independence Day everybody. Enjoy the respite in the weather with the quick showers we are having. Come on down and check out all of our loyal vendors and some new ones as well. The market is a great place to discover old and new as well as handcrafted items. We wish all of our vendors and their families as well as our customers and theirs a safe and happy holiday weekend. Drive safe out there, wear your facemasks in public and stay 6 feet apart from others [But it’s okay to get close if you are living together 😉 ]

Food Vendor Updates

Toni’s Kitchen is featuring pork tenderloins in gravy with new potatoes (once the potatoes run out then there will be rice instead) also green beans and coleslaw. She does have lots of other goodies you can order on the corner of the Yellow and Red Rows.

Diane’s Snack Shack is, once again, featuring their yummy meatball 6-inch subs. (I had a sausage meatball with parmesan cheese and sauce and mom had the regular meatballs with cheese and sauce – Yummy!) Check out the menu board for all their goodies on the corner of the Green and Red Rows.

Mystic Cottage – is closed for the holidays this weekend. Corner of Yellow and Blue Rows

Dixie Woods Honey is open and ready to sell you some great local honey and other farm-fresh food items and preserves. Come on down to their little house on the Black Row.

Debbie the Fruit and Veggie Lady is expanding her offerings this weekend. Must have gotten some good deals this week. Come on down and get local produce for your family gathering this weekend. Located right in the front of the market on the corner of the Black and Green Rows.

New Vendors and old Updates

We want to welcome one of our newest vendors to the market located on the Red Row right behind Diane’s Snack Shop is the Flock n/ Fancy – Clothing and Farmhouse Decor. Check out their Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/echicbtq and drop by and say, Hi!. Got some pretty nice stuff in here and a real honest-to-goodness dressing room to boot. Good Luck and Welcome to the Market.

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For those who are looking to relocate their small business to a nice, less expensive, and friendly marketplace come on down to the Chiefland Farmers and Flea Market and grab your own little storefront. We have open and closed shops available and you are welcome to renovate them to suit your business needs. Any improvements will become part of the market though should you decide to go elsewhere.