October is National Book month and we will be having a Support Your Local Author Event right here in the market on Saturday, October 19, 2019 from 10:00 am to 2:00 pm. We hope you and yours will come out and support our local tri-county area published writers, ask lots of questions and even start a few writers groups. Yes, the vendor spaces are rapidly filling up and some of our vendors have moved to different spaces around the market. All just in time for the influx of tourists coming to the area to enjoy the weather, the natural resources and just because they can. Hopefully, we all will either get some great bargains or make some money over the next couple of months.

Vendor Specials

Toni’s Kitchen is feature Beef Tips over noodles and garlic bread this weekend folks! Of course, she will have a few cold plates, desserts and her regular fare as well. She serves a great breakfast too. They spent this last week sprucing up the seating area with a new coat of paint. Her birdhouse and other collectibles area has had it’s Fall cleaning done too.

Diane’s Restaurant is still having their special home-cooked meals come on over to the corner of the Red and Green Rows and check out their large menu board to see what’s happening this weekend. Come hungry!

George’s Hats and Flags still has a used red and black scooter for sale. Drop on by his booth on the corner of the Green and Blue Rows and see for yourself.

The Detour across from Diane’s Restaurant on the corner of the Green and Red rows is getting into the spirit and decorating their expanded booth area. Check out what they have added since they expanded their store space last month.

Embey’s Vinyl and More is a new crafts store opening up on the Blue Row 27, 29 this weekend. Come on by and welcome the new vendors, sign up for a crafting class or just browse and buy some of their completed craft projects or supplies. You can keep up with their specials by going to their Facebook page – Like, Share and Comment: https://www.facebook.com/embeysvinyl/

Market Updates

The biggest news is that the annual market Haunted House is completed and available for kids to check out beginning this weekend. There might be a few tweaks here or there over the next couple of days but we hope everyone comes out and enjoy themselves. Come on down the Blue Row.

The market personnel have set up another seating area on the Red Row for those who need a sit a spell before moving on to looking for great bargains and items available from our many vendors.

Enjoy our slideshow of this week’s pictures from the Market. Please LIKE, SHARE AND COMMENT ON FACEBOOK too!