Hey, everyone out there. We hope you and yours are keeping cool, keeping safe, and maybe having a little fun while you can. It seems like most of the summer crops are in and it is time to take a little time off and take a vacation with the family. The springs along the Suwannee are still mostly browned out and the state parks are closing or limiting visitors for day use as well as camping. Finding places to go camping during the summer months is getting harder and harder to do these days as more locals are staying closer to home. Come on down to the market and pick up some camping supplies, fresh fruits and veggies, local honey, and even some pre-made meals.

Vendor Updates

Needful Things on the green row is changing the name of the store to Land and Sea Collectibles

Griffeth Tools on the corner of the Orange and Yellow Rows has all kinds of outdoor cooking utensils, large pots for your seafood boils, or even boiled peanuts, etc.

Southern Women Crafts on the Yellow Row is still working on sprucing up her shop. Please come on by and check out her progress.

Hope’s Cottage located on the green row inside the light green booth is moving further down the row next to the newly named Land and Sea Collectibles. It too is a work-in-progress.

Mystic Cottage and Barefoot Stitches with Butterfly Kisses – Mother and Daughter shops located on the corner of the Yellow and Blue row will be closing down at the end of this month. The lovely young baker has gotten a job at the Publix Bakery in Lake City and will be learning lots of new things while her mom and her partner in the biz will also be closing down for now. We will miss them both.

Morning Walk Around the Market