Is is hot enough for ya? Storms and hot, muggy weather is the norm for the next 4 to 6 weeks folks and we here at the Chiefland Farmer’s Flea Market are right there with you. We do have large shade trees covering most of the metal buildings here and quite a few of our regular monthly vendors are running fans and small air conditioning units. Of course, coming early in the morning is good too before the heat settles in for the afternoon. More and more people are heading out for vacations and a few more of our vendors are doing that as well. However, you just never know what you are going to find here just for the fun of it, to collect or to use on your very own vacation.


This weekend only Toni’s Kitchen is closed as the owners and employees are taking their vacations. They will be back next weekend bright and early next Friday.

Diane’s Restaurant on the corner of the Green and Red Rows is featuring their homemade spaghetti meat or sausage sauce dinners on Friday and Eggplant Parmesan on Saturday! Yummy….

Looks like The Detour – Antiques on the Green Row Booth 27/29 is closed today but reopen for Saturday and Sunday.

Y & S – Trash and Treasures – has moved over to an enclosed booth space on the Yellow Row from open booths number 12/14 to closed booth number 6/8

Barefoot Stitches and Butterfly Kisses – Woodburning and Glass Etching – Red Row Booth 5/7 is closed today had appointments out-of-town but will be back on Saturday and Sunday.

Nevermore Acres Pet Rescue on Red Row Booth 12/14 will be here again on Saturday but will have to miss the following two weekends as their helper will be out of town on business. They will return with more adoptable pets on August 10th. During the two weeks they are gone we will have another pet adoption vendor in the same area.

Photo Gallery of a Few Special Vendors