Whether you have that special someone or just a loved one or two that thinks your special we hope you and yours are celebrating with cards, candy, and getting out of the house. Happy Valentines Everyone and come on down to enjoy our covered walkways here at the market the many, many great vendors offering a wide variety of great items.

We are always open be it rain or shine and our hardy vendors are here to serve. We have great restaurants to grab a meal, dessert, drinks, or just a snack. We have vendors selling holiday-themed items as well. Fridays are a little bit slow for both the vendors that come and the customers as well. We hope that will pick up more soon. Saturdays and Sundays are the main days when all the vendors try to participate. We have created another pictorial review from Friday that we hope you will enjoy below. Please, like, share, comment, subscribe, etc.

For Our Vendors

Quick tips for vendors just starting their business here.

Always display your items for sale in an interesting and non-crowded way as possible. Try to get more items at eye level if you can. Multilevel displays work best.

Monthly vendors are able to lock up the items inside their booth where weekend vendors must setup and takedown every day they are here. Lockup booths also allow you to set up once and just rearrange every now and again.

EVERY SINGLE WEEKEND you should be posting information, pictures, videos, etc. on your own website and social media pages. You can link your posts on Facebook to the Chiefland Flea Market page by typing in @ChieflandFarmersFleaMarket inside your post. Of course, since our one and only social media page is public you are allowed to create a post on the page with your own words, pictures, and links. https://www.facebook.com/ChieflandFarmersFleaMarket – ***PLEASE REMEMBER this is a privilege and any profanity or spam activity will be immediately deleted.

Subscribe to our Blog Posts on the website to read our weekly articles. You can always request that the tech person come by your booth and take pictures for you to post on the next week’s article if you are having a sale, special, or offering new merchandise. Use our CONTACT US form too.

For those vendors that are businesses with a business card, website, social media pages, etc. please get in touch with the market’s tech specialist to get you listed on our Business Directory. Finally, display your business name along with days and hours of operation on your booth using a professionally created sign.