It’s hot and the holidays are coming soon. The most notable one is Independence Day. The day we declared in one voice that we are Independent of England! We fought and won our freedom to create a more perfect union. Of course, establishing justice for ourselves and our prosperity was why we ordained and established the Constitution in the first place. Just celebrating that is more than enough to enjoy this holiday weekend coming up with your friends and family…while respecting the social distancing thing too.

Food Vendor Updates

Toni’s Kitchen is having Chicken with Yellow Rice and Peach Cobbler this weekend. On the corner of the Yellow and Red rows.

Diane’s Snack Shack is featuring 8-inch sub sandwiches such as Philly Beef and Swiss, Meatball and Parm as well as Sausage Balls subs too. On the corner of the Red and Green Rows

Mystic Cottage Bakery – Has all of her usual baked goods fare but may not be here on Sunday on the corner of the yellow and blue rows

Dixie Woods Honey house is back and opened this weekend. Lovely looking honey on the Black row.

Debbie the Fruit and Veggie Lady on the Corner of the Black and Green Rows is as always filled with locally sourced fruits and vegetables.

Our Walk Around the Market

For those of us who can’t remember it without singing the School House Rock Version. Enjoy!