Happy 4th everybody! Hope you and yours are having a safe and wonderful holiday weekend.

We had quite a few storms passing through yesterday in the county and surrounding area and not everyone was able to have their fireworks display. A few places around the tri-county area will reschedule. Even though they are loud and disturb our pets it is still awe-inspiring to watch a really good coordinated fireworks show.

We have a couple new vendors opening booths this weekend so please come on by Saturday or Sunday if you cannot come out today and check them out. One on the Blue Row and another on the Red Row. Of course, most of the regulars will be opening up for the weekend. You just never know what you are going to find here at the market that you might need or want. I’ve been pricing those canopy sets with the white canvas and metal poles for my RV space for myself and hope to get it very soon.


Steve Persinger (Our professional fishing expert) Blue Row Booths 27-31 is moving his booth to the enclosed booth -closer to the green row (Blue Row Booths 6-10 Behind Wicked Kandles . Great for him as it has glass windows, doors and a place to put a nice AC unit. Come on by the booth. It is still a work-in-progress but he is getting there.

Elaine’s Lil Shop is across from Steve’s new place, Blue Row Booths 7-9. This is her Grand Opening Weekend and she is having a “Let’s Make A Deal” special on all the items she has been able to arrange in the booth so far. She has flyers just outside the main office and on the bulletin board. She is also hold a raffle for a $50 grand prize that you can join with no purchase necessary. Come on by Fridays and Sundays to see what she has and get your raffle ticket. She says you don’t have to be present to win but you will need to come by and pick up your prize within 30 days after the drawing and, sadly, not open to other vendors.

We have new vendors setting up in the Spray Paint Art Guy’s old shop. It is a “two woman team” that does wood burning art and glass etching (also does crocheting too – ask them about their lovely crocheted baby items). The business is called Barefoot Stitches with Butterfly Kisses and features their artwork, some clothes and household goods they want to sell and even some sporting goods. Come on by the Red Row Booth 5-7. They are opened Friday to Sunday.

Last weekend was pretty busy for the end of the month with lots of weekender vendors on Saturday but fewer on Sunday. Fridays are still kind of light here but you just never know until you try it out for all three days to see if you can attract more customers, make those sales and just enjoy your time while you are here in the market. This is still one of the best places to feature your artwork, household goods, or even start your small business here too. The rents are reasonable, the people are nice and the management tries their best to make sure vendors and customers have a great time.

In the coming weeks and months the market will be hosting various events for their customers to enjoy. Keep checking our Facebook page and our website’s Community Calendar Page for updated information on what’s coming. We should have the market’s new website moved to it’s new server before the end of August. The new market brochure is still being created and that should be done, hopefully, by the end of the month. We have a new commercial video for the market ready just waiting final approval and upload to YouTube that should be ready this weekend or the middle of next week. That is a 10 minute walk-through of the market by row. The marketing crew is also putting together another short commercial video that will be release at the beginning of August.

This weekend is the “Adopt-A-Pet” Saturday on the Red Row. Come on by and see what they have to offer, donate if you can. Thanks and have a great weekend.

Enjoy some more Friday pictures from our open vendors. They are bound to have something you want or need so come to the market on Fridays too.