We hope everyone is remembering ways to keep yourself cool during the hot, muggy month of July. Besides the ever-popular stay at home and sit in front of the AC unit and blasting the fans you can always put your feet in a bucket of ice water, sit inside a bathtub filled with cold water, put wet washrags around your neck and drink lots of water. If you are going out and don’t have one of those cool suits that have those cold water bags sewn inside you might want to use the washrag trick. Put a couple of clean, wet washrags inside a plastic bag in the refrigerator overnight. In the morning grab and go. You can put them around your neck, wrists, and even on top of your head. If we don’t have any kind of breeze you can always sneak some ice out of the cooler (which I really suggest you keep in the car with water and drinks and to keep you washrags cool) and wrap the washrag in them.

Food Vendors

Debbie the Fruit and Veggie Lady on the corner of the black and green rows is fully stocked with lovely fruits and vegetables again this weekend.

Diane’s Snack Shack on the corner of the Green and Red Rows has their menu up and some lovely looking desserts under a dome. Of course, they have ice cream for sale as well.

Dixie Woods Honey has quite a few jars of local honey on display outside his charming little house. Come on by and see what else he has available on the black row.

Mystic Cottage Bakery is open and has all your favorites like cherry turnovers and cinnamon rolls. The baker has been approved to be a “baker in training” at Publix in Lake City. Drop by and grab some goodies. She may have to close her shop in the Fall on the corner of the yellow and blue rows.

Toni’s Kitchen is featuring Goulash this weekend with green beans and I saw her getting ready to put a cake in the oven – YUMMY! – on the corner of the yellow and red rows.

Vendor Updates

The new vendor, Flock and Fancy on the Red Row has included more items in her lovely shop for this weekend. Come on in the AC is on high and everything is nicely laid out. They have the lights lit up on the outside and will be putting their sign up soon.

Flo’s Alterations is closed today on the corner of the green and blue rows. She did give a box filled with her special face masks over to George of George’s Flags, Knives, and Socks across the way. I bought two of them. he only has a couple left, Army, Navy, and Florida Gators. Jolene purchased the Coast Guard and one of the Florida Gator ones – $8 each or 2 for $15


Pam’s Treasures on the Yellow row has been sick and out for most of the last several weeks. Please send her get-well thoughts and prayers.

And now for our weekly photo slideshow from our walk around the market this morning