As we get further and further away from the dreaded 2020 we are hoping you and yours will be enjoying the last weekend in April 2021. Come on down and walk the rows to hunt for bargains, stuff you need, or just something you would like to have. Our local vendors are waiting to serve you. Our two restaurants will have fresh food, snacks, drinks, and more. We have a fruit and vegetable dealer right in the front open all weekend and most of the week as well. If you need plants for spring planting still check the outside vendors as one of the local nurseries usually comes by on the weekends.

From Management

It looks like every single booth is rented on the inside of the market for this weekend. You may be able to get a table outside if you come over on Friday before 4:00 pm or right at 8:00 am to pay for one. This is great news for our vendors as well as our customers. It is going to be a partially sunny spring day on Saturday with possible showers on Sunday. But you just never know so come on by and see what’s what. Please check out our Youtube Channel and like, share, comment, and subscribe. We will be posting more updates on the channel and may even have a “Live” event every now and again. We also ask that you visit our Facebook Page – share, like, comment, and subscribe there as well. We share our weekly blog posts to our social media page and you will be notified when you “follow” us of any updates.

Finally, we got in a few more Weather King Sheds. Please visit that page for more information and come on by this weekend to take a tour of the ones we have on the lot.

Our Friday Afternoon Walk Around the Market