Boy, we are having a really busy weekend and, of course, it doesn’t help that my laptop went on the fritz yesterday morning so I couldn’t finish this post. But such is life. We are having a nice influx of new vendors wanting spaces here at the market. Some of them are even crafters! We welcome them all and look forward to having a full house for the fall and winter season. Come on down and check us out every weekend. You just never know what you’re going to find.


We would like to welcome the Beyer Part Store just setting up on the Blue Row – Booths 15, 17 and 19. Their owners are associated with the Gilchrist Recycling Company which has a Facebook pageFacebook pageFacebook page and they are in the process of creating one just for their store here at the market. Drop on by and Say, HI!

Mystic Sweets is working on sprucing up her new booth on the corner of the Yellow and Blue Rows. Officially that’s Yellow Row – Booth 34 and 36 and it looks like she has added the Blue Row – Booth 33 which is right next door to her shop area. Rumor has it that her parent’s booth Barefoot Stitches with Butterfly Kisses might be moving from the Red Row to this new store to share expenses. We are all looking forward to having another baker in the family.

Vendor and Restaurant Specials

Dixie Depot wanted everyone to know that he will be running his trivia contest next month with a grand prize of $25 store gift certificate and then 12 rebel flags being given away for each of the 12 trivia questions which will cover all areas of history, American History, Military History, etc. He will be releasing more details at the beginning of next month.

Toni’s Kitchen is having Barbecue Ribs, Baked Beans and Cold Slaw Special this weekend. Come on down early and get yourself a plate before they are all gone.

Diane’s Restaurant is featuring a great Philly Beef and Cheese sub meal this weekend along with the regular homecooked meals. Come on down and grab you onw while you can.


Black Row

Buchanan’s Something for Everyone – Black Row – Booth 26, 28 ,30

VC Ceramics – Black Row – Booth 29, 31

Yellow Row

Jolene’s Southern Women Crafts – Yellow Row – Booth 4

Jolene also offers Website and Blogs Creation Services/Self-Publishing Help and other Writers Services

Y&S Treasures – Yellow Row – Booth 8

Dixie Depot and Patrick’s Collectibles – Yellow Row – Booth 27, 29, 31 ,33, 35

Mystic Sweets – Coming Soon to Corner of Yellow and Blue Rows

Griffeth Tools – Corner of the Yellow and Orange Rows

Green Row

Granny B’s Fudge and Baked Goods – Green Row – Booth 17

Lynch’s Cellphone Repair – Green Row – Booth 39, 41

Larry’s Guns and Ammo – Green Row – Booth 67, 69–312347669455214/

Red Row

Barefoot Stitches with Butterfly Kisses – Currently Located on Red Row – Booth 5, 7

A few more pictures from around the market this weekend.