New Vendors

Sonny Griffeth, the owner of the Chiefland Farmers Flea Market (formerly known as McCormack’s Flea Market), would like to welcome all vendors, new and old.

In the many years since Sonny purchased the Flea Market, he has been advertising in many different ways including: radio and print advertisements and a website on the Internet.

There has been tremendous feedback from vendors and customers commenting on how much the Market has improved in the years that Mr. Griffeth has owned the Flea Market.

He aims to have the most attractive and profitable Flea Market for vendors and customers alike!

As we are always interested in your suggestions for improvement in the Market, please e-mail us through our Contact page. Each e-mail will be acknowledged and considered.

Inside Booths
Booths are 10′ x 10′
3 tables are provided with each booth
Electricity available for an additional cost
Lock up available but limited

Outside Booths
Booths are 8′ x 12′
Three tables provided with each booth

Price list per booth
Day Price includes Tax
Friday Free (When you reserve the whole weekend)
Saturday $12.00
Sunday $12.00
Total Weekend $24.00


One Booth      $103.00
Two Booths     $206.00
Three Booths  $262.00
Four Booths    $350.00

Some of the booth spaces have been renovated to include 1/2 of another booth please ask about our discounted prices for those. Monthly vendors have access to FREE WIFI while in the Market. There is an additional charge for excess electricity in monthly booths when installing an a/c unit or other large appliances. Normal lights and fans are okay. You are allowed to renovate your booths please contact our maintenance personnel on Wednesdays for consultation and assistance.


1.    Vendors may not sublet, loan or sell their booths.
2.    Rent is to be paid in advance for ALL VENDORS.
3.    Dealers are responsible for their own property.
4.    Pets must be kept on a leash and under control at all times.
5.    Booths are to be kept clean.’
6.    Dealers are expected to act in a professional manner. Profanity or rudeness will not be tolerated.
7.  All merchandise must be kept behind poles and out of walkways.
8.    Think of your neighbor before hanging anything between spaces.
9.    The management reserves the right to expel or refuse rental to dealers when deemed in the best interest of the market.
10.    If you are 2 months late in payments and have not contacted us to make arrangements we reserve the right to cut locks and sell your merchandise.
11.    Florida Law requires Sales Tax to be collected on all Taxable Sales. You are also responsible for filing your own Sales Tax Returns.
12.    If going into storage for the summer months, rent must be paid in advance. Storage will only be allowed for monthly vendors and for the months of June and July unless prior arrangements have been made.