Happy First Weekend in March 2020

Confusing though the weather has been lately we still are enjoying the sunshine. The mornings are still a little brisk so hopefully, all of our customers and vendors come dressed in layers as it is suppose to warm up later in the day. We have been doing the vendor shuffle once again this week with new ones coming in, old ones moving out and current ones moving around to different spaces. Mostly, they are either needing more space or just want to try a different row. Since we advertise the entire Market all rows will receive traffic all through the day.

Market Updates

Speaking of new spaces, with the Key Man moving over to the Blue Row his old place on the orange row is now available. Sonny and his team have been doing a little renovating in the area by adding walls and bi-fold doors. It should be a great space for some lucky new vendors to come on down and claim.

If you haven’t had a chance to check out the bathhouse in the back of the property why don’t you mosey on down and see? The busy market crew has been painting and even replaced the sink countertop in the ladies. I, personally, haven’t checked out the men’s room but I’m sure they have or will be getting a redo as well.

Vendor Updates

Toni’s Kitchen on the corner of the Yellow and Red Rows wanted everyone to know that they will more than like be closed for the next few weekends. They have to travel out of state to help take care of some sick family members. They will be putting a sign up on the booth.

Diane’s Snack Shack on the corner of the Green and Red Rows not to be outdone by our little baker has been bringing in more pies and cakes for the customers to enjoy.

Mystic Cottage on the corner of the Yellow and Blue Rows is experimenting with food coloring to make Lucky Shamrock Cake Pops and other green goodies. St. Patricks Day is coming soon.

Ralph’s Wood Crafts on the Yellow Row Booth 32 wanted everyone to know that he can do special orders too. Just let him know what you want to be carved onto a piece of wood (polished or not) and he can usually get it done in an hour. Reasonable rates and fast service. You can’t really ask for more than that.

Last Week Feb 2020

The last week in February is still a little brisk but it’s gonna be very sunny. Spring is coming soon and the warmer weather will be here soon enough. Take advantage of this cooler weather I say. There are new vendors every weekend as well as the regular ones too. The vendors have new items coming in all the time so visiting every weekend or every other weekend and you will always find something new.

BRR Its Too Cold for Third Week in February

Dang, y’all I thought we were in central Florida! All of our brave vendors are here and waiting for you to come on by and say, hi, and grab yourself some great bargains, one-of-a-kind handmade items and foodstuffs. From fresh fruits and veggies to home-cooked meals we got you covered. Please dress warmly and in layers. You can even use all the rows as an exercise course to keep moving along. Some of our enclosed vendors are running their heaters to help keep the chill off. Sorry, no bonfires, please.

Second Weekend in February 2020

Welcome to the second weekend in February 2020 here at the Market. We hope you and yours had a wonderful Valentine’s Day celebration whatever y’all created for each other. Mostly, it’s nice just to spend some devoted time with each other whether that’s a special someone, a great friend or being with your family. I just like all the chocolate myself and try to send out loving vibes to all my friends and family as often as I can throughout the year.

Valentines Coming Soon

It’s that time of year when there is a holiday almost every single month. February has Valentine’s day where we give and receive cards and candy and some of the lucky few get other types of gifts from their sweeties. Whether you have a special someone or not treat yourself anyway with your favorite chocolate, a small gift or take a little trip over to the Market and grab yourself something special. Our bakers have lovely cupcakes. The coffee lady has freshly ground coffee to go with it. Our fruit and veggies ladies have lots of fresh, local produce to create a great salad, your own kind of dessert or even a special meal.