Treasure Hunt at the Market

If you haven’t been to the Chiefland Farmers Flea Market lately you might want to come on by this weekend and take advantage of the cooler weather. Remember your masks but if you don’t there are several vendors who make their own in a wide variety of colors and shapes. You can get your favorite team colors, cartoon characters, and even get a child and doll size set made to order. Walking around the market is great exercise and you just really never know what you may find that will tickle your fancy or fulfill a current need.

Food Vendors

Corner of Green and Black Rows – Debbie the Fruit and Veggie Lady

On the Black Row in Little House – Dixie Woods Honey

Corner of Green and Red Rows – Diane’s Snack Shack

Corner of Yellow and Red Rows – Toni’s Kitchen

Corner of Yellow and Blue Rows – Sugar Momma’s Snacks and More

On the Orange Row number 12 – Fresh Seafood (will have expanding menu of choices as fishing continues)

Walking Tour This Saturday Morning

Almost Officially Fall Season

I don’t know if you felt it the other day but there was just a slight chill in the air. Of course, it was caused by not having any sun for most of the day and overnight but there does seem to be a slight lessening to the heat some days. Fall officially begins on September 22, 2020, and it was probably the most liked season everywhere. No, we don’t like the fact the leaves are going to start falling and we will have to rake or blow them into piles but just to feel the air cool just a bit here would be a welcomed addition to our stress-filled days.

Happy Labor Day Weekend

Happy Labor Day Weekend Everybody. We all hope you and yours are being safe with your celebration plans, driving safely, social distancing, and wearing those masks in public. Every one of our vendors at the market hope you will take some time either Saturday or Sunday and check out all the great items we have for sale. You just never know what you are going to find until you get here. It’s going to be a hot one so wear comfortable clothing and keep hydrated. Walking around our covered walkways underneath or great old trees will help a little with the temperatures as will shopping earlier in the day. That way you can take the afternoon and visit your favorite watering hole for a cool dip.

Primaries Over and School Kids Are Back In

Happy hot, muggy, rainy, covid-virus, facemask wearing, the election year, and school back in session week. Been very busy around the area with the children going back to school or getting on their computers to do the video school thing. We hope everyone voted in the primaries and are on the lookout for school buses and small ones running around trying to see where they are going with their little masks on. Please be careful out there, keep you and your family as safe as possible and see you around the market!

Happy Early Voting Day Aug 2020

If you haven’t done it yet we hope you will get out there to one of your county’s local early voting places and vote in the preliminary elections. Your votes count and now is a great time for those who don’t like crowds or waiting till the last minute to get things down is a great time to vote. Mail-in Ballots are fine and even voting on those special days will do as well. At least you voted. Participation in the process is important for all of us. Enough of that.