Last Weekend Before Christmas 2019

It is the last shopping weekend here at the Market before the Christmas holidays. We hope that all of our vendors do well and our customers find what they are looking for to finish up their holiday shopping. Most of all we all hope that everyone in the Tri-County Area has a safe and happy holiday season. Please be safe during your travels and arrive back home safely so that you can come out and see us again next weekend. 🙂

Second Weekend December 2019

We have made it to the second weekend in December for the last year in this decade. It is a rainy, foggy Friday but we hope the rest of the weekend will have more sunshine to encourage more visitors. Of course, Fridays are great to get a jump start on your shopping as we have a great fruit and veggie stand, a computer sales guy who can repair and sell you a laptop, entertainment vendors with lots of different sizes of TVs and so much more opened today. It is a great time to grab a meal, walk around the rows for exercise and do a little shopping besides. We have had a couple of vendors close down this week but that just means that there are more opportunities for you to start your very own business. Come on down and see what we have!

First Weekend December 2019

Our version of winter has started this month with frost on the windows in the morning and the temps dipping down into the 40s and sometimes even the 30s this past week. As with all Florida weather just wait a little while and it will change to something you might like better. Personally, we could use a bit more frosting to try and kill off the large quantity of mosquitoes before spring. Of course, we really need the rain too.

Black Friday and Bargains Everywhere

It is Black Friday and most of us are still pretty stuffed from all the great food we had with our family and friends yesterday. This morning we had quite a few vendors opening their doors to get ready for the , hopefully, overflowing customers expected throughout the weekend. You will, as always, find some interesting items, antique items, bargain items and handcrafted items. Support Small Businesses and SHOP LOCAL this weekend. You can always order online from the big chain stores and have things delivered but coming out to the market is a great way to spend some time with friends, neighbors and more than likely, some of your family as vendors and as customers.

One Week Till Thanksgiving

Hey everybody! Hope you and yours are doing well this weekend. We have less than one week until the big Thanksgiving holiday is here and the even more crazy, “Black Friday Specials” the very next day. We may not have a lot of brand-new items here at the market but we do have a lot of handcrafted, one-of-a-kind and antique items throughout the market for you to find and purchase to help reduce that gift-giving list. Be different this year, shop at local small businesses!