Happy August 1st 2020

Happy August 1st in 2020. We almost three-fourths of the way through the year and this month has lots happening besides the heat here in Florida. We hope you and yours are keeping safe, wearing masks, washing your hands frequently, and staying at least six feet apart from those not living in your household. Now we have a hurricane barreling down on Florida but it looks like it will be skimping the east coast instead of the west this time. Seems only fair that every other one will go the opposite way as the previous.

Last Weekend in July 2020

We have finally reached the last weekend in July. Which is about halfway through the summer already. Schools will be trying to start back up next month and who knows what that is going to look like. Vendors are moving out and others are moving in. So you just never know what you are going to find here at the market. We have bargains galore, some great and others just so-so. We have new items, used items, and even a whole bunch of antiques as well. If you don’t find what you are looking for ask some of the vendors they may know where you can get what you looking for or may even have it themselves. Most of our vendors have extra items at home and/or in storage somewhere.

Happy Third Week July 2020

Hey, everyone out there. We hope you and yours are keeping cool, keeping safe, and maybe having a little fun while you can. It seems like most of the summer crops are in and it is time to take a little time off and take a vacation with the family. The springs along the Suwannee are still mostly browned out and the state parks are closing or limiting visitors for day use as well as camping. Finding places to go camping during the summer months is getting harder and harder to do these days as more locals are staying closer to home. Come on down to the market and pick up some camping supplies, fresh fruits and veggies, local honey, and even some pre-made meals.

Keep Cool in July

We hope everyone is remembering ways to keep yourself cool during the hot, muggy month of July. Besides the ever-popular stay at home and sit in front of the AC unit and blasting the fans you can always put your feet in a bucket of ice water, sit inside a bathtub filled with cold water, put wet washrags around your neck and drink lots of water. If you are going out and don’t have one of those cool suits that have those cold water bags sewn inside you might want to use the washrag trick. Put a couple of clean, wet washrags inside a plastic bag in the refrigerator overnight. In the morning grab and go. You can put them around your neck, wrists, and even on top of your head. If we don’t have any kind of breeze you can always sneak some ice out of the cooler (which I really suggest you keep in the car with water and drinks and to keep you washrags cool) and wrap the washrag in them.


Happy Independence Day everybody. Enjoy the respite in the weather with the quick showers we are having. Come on down and check out all of our loyal vendors and some new ones as well. The market is a great place to discover old and new as well as handcrafted items. We wish all of our vendors and their families as well as our customers and theirs a safe and happy holiday weekend. Drive safe out there, wear your facemasks in public and stay 6 feet apart from others [But it’s okay to get close if you are living together 😉 ]