Chilly but Sunny Second Week November 2019

That’s right folks it is a little chilly this weekend but the sun finally came out today. We have some new vendors, a vendor or two moving or expanding into other areas and lots of cool things to find. Almost every one of our vendors is getting ready for the big holiday season and will help you get ready with decorations, lights and cool present ideas. Start you planning and shopping now so that when the day comes around you will already have everything all set up and ready to go!

Welcome November 2019

Hello and welcome November. It is turning out to be an interesting kind of change. Last month we are bouncing around the Eighties and Nineties and even still having named storms. Now with the first weekend of the month the temperatures are dipping down below the fifties. It’s time for everyone to get their layering techniques down again. Come on down to the market and get some fresh fruits, homegrown vegetables from the local farm, hot boiled peanuts and even check out the restaurants to see what they have in store for the weekend. Of course, walking around the rows looking at all the many varied items that our vendors offer is always fun.

Antique Car Show Coming

This weekend is full of fun and excitement with the semi-annual antique car show happening in the front yard of the market, the free haunted house and the vendors are even dressing up for the occasion. Bring your kids to go through the Haunted House. Adults can go through too. You might even get some candy for making it through. The parents can enjoy all the old classic cars and possibly even buying one for yourself. That is if anyone is willing to part with their beauties.

Weather Permitting and Changes to Events

It was very disappointing but with the threatening weather of a named storm passing through the north Florida area all but one of the authors decided they didn’t want to take a chance driving over for the say. We have rescheduled the event for November 16, 2019 and we will be located in the front yard area underneath the oak trees in tents. We will be inviting published authors, artists who want to attend, graphic artists and others who can help a local writer get published and hopefully even make some money doing it. We hope that the local libraries and middle and high school Creative Writing/Journalism teach might come on by too.

Happy October 2019

October is National Book month and we will be having a Support Your Local Author Event right here in the market on Saturday, October 19, 2019 from 10:00 am to 2:00 pm. We hope you and yours will come out and support our local tri-county area published writers, ask lots of questions and even start a few writers groups. Yes, the vendor spaces are rapidly filling up and some of our vendors have moved to different spaces around the market. All just in time for the influx of tourists coming to the area to enjoy the weather, the natural resources and just because they can. Hopefully, we all will either get some great bargains or make some money over the next couple of months.