We hope everyone had a nice Easter last weekend. This weekend we are having peek-a-boo clouds, sun, and the occasional rain burst. For all the visitors who have come out Friday and today Thank you so much from us and the vendors. For those hardy souls coming tomorrow, we hope you find something you are looking for and have a good time browsing around. Most of our booths are filled and the outside area tables look pretty full as well. There is nothing like finding something you have been looking for at a reasonable price and helping out your neighbors as they sit in their booths hoping to sell lots of stuff. Again, we have new and used, vintage, antique, and gently used items all through the market. We have a couple of gun vendors and fishing gear sellers. We have a dedicated locksmith that has some really old key blanks if you need a key for something that is no longer made. Drop on by and ask on the Blue Row.

Weather King Sheds

For those who need some extra storage, Miss Lydia has gotten in several new models and hopes to get more soon. We have updated the Weather King Shed page as well. These are all rent-to-own or cash prices with no credit check.

Need Plants

EHernandez FamilyNursery
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Hello everyone. Beautiful day!!!! Some of our Citrus has finally arrived. Satsuma, Murcott Tangerines Mandarin, Valencia Oranges, Nagami Kumquats, Red Grapefruit, and more… Also received a few more goodies on ground covers and roses galore. So come see want we can do for you here at E.Hernandez Family Nursery located at 15251 NW 30th Ave. Trenton FL 32693 or call/text 352-682-3568

The Detour – Antiques

Send special thoughts and prayers to the couple on the Green Row. They have been closed for a couple of weekends now. We hope they get well soon.

Short Walking Tour Through the Market today