Hey everybody! Hope you and yours are doing well this weekend. We have less than one week until the big Thanksgiving holiday is here and the even more crazy, “Black Friday Specials” the very next day. We may not have a lot of brand-new items here at the market but we do have a lot of handcrafted, one-of-a-kind and antique items throughout the market for you to find and purchase to help reduce that gift-giving list. Be different this year, shop at local small businesses!

Restaurant Updates

Diane’s Restaurant is featuring, hot and made-to-order breakfast meals every morning and homemade meals every afternoon. Drop on by and see what they have on their menu board today.

Toni’s Kitchen on the Yellow Row is featuring her homemade Chili, Great Northern Beans and Corn Bread, Goulash with your choice of Butter or Garlic Bread and you can get sliced pork on garlic bread if you like too.

***BE ON THE LOOKOUT – Toni’s is looking for a Professional Slicer Machine and a Large Grill Top – if you have one for sale or know of one in the area please stop by and let her know***

Market Events

Support Local Authors event last weekend was not a rousing success that we hoped it would be. Once again, mother nature was very unkind to us and decided it would be cold and windy all morning instead of trying to send a tropical storm our way like last month. Actually it was warmer at 9:00 am than it was at noon when we decided to call it quits. All 10 of the authors, the painter and Deb, The Website Designer who showed up to participate were freezing. We didn’t get a lot of visitors but we did get a few who came specifically for the event. One of the authors said she made a few contacts that would lead to future sales. We will try again in the Spring when it’s a little bit warmer and we can possibly get an inside booth. Thanks so much to:

Lacey Dancer (AKA Sydney Clary – Live Oak Romance Writer)
Jolene MacFadden (Lake City Non-Fiction Writer)
Ruth Nott (Chiefland Poetry/Children’s Writer)
Dawn Kopman Whidden (Bell Mystery Writer)
Kassandra Lamb (AKA Jessica Dale – Gainesville Mystery/Romance Writer)
Delores Leggett Walker (Mayo Christian Romance/Fiction Writer)
Jonnie Kidd Whittington (Mayo Non-Fiction/Children’s Writer_
Betty Ann Goodman Curvin (Perry Non-Fiction Writer)
Dayla Daniels (Perry Children’s Writer)
Yvonne Dye (Mayo – Non-Fiction/Children’s Writer)
Shirley Nott (Live Oak Painting Artist)
Debbie Busser (Fanning Springs Website Designer)

You can download the Informational Booklet we created for the event by clicking SupportLocalWriters11162019
This booklet lists their names, contact information and the books they have published so far. We hope you will take a few minutes and look over their information, visit their websites, like, share, and comment on their Facebook pages and BUY THEIR BOOKS. Each of them gave up their day to be here and we truly appreciate their efforts.

PAY TO SPAY – will be here in the market for a few hours beginning around 11:00 am to around 2:00 pm to register you and your pet for their future spay/neutering services. Please come on by the Black Row Saturday and talk with the volunteers. This will be the last registration day here in the market for them this year. They are having a big fund-raising event next month in Gainesville. Please visit their website for more information.

The market is participating in the local Chiefland Citizen’s annual Super Shopper Contest. There entry forms in several places around the market including at the information kiosk next the the ATM machine and in Jolene’s Southern Women Crafts booth on the Yellow Row. You just fill out the entry form for your chance to win gift baskets, coupons and more. Check out the newspaper article in this week’s newspaper for more information.

Vendors Around the Market

This is the space where we feature pictures of interesting things available from the various booths around the market. The pictures are taken Friday morning so we cannot possibly get pictures from every single booth as some are not opened yet, others are only here Saturday and Sunday and the open areas and outside booths generally aren’t here either. There is always lots more to see around the market so you will just have to come out and see what we have to help you with your holiday gift giving. Miss Lydia, the manager, says that she is pretty much rented out this weekend so if you want to be a vendor you will just have to keep calling her to see if anyone may have cancelled (352) 493-2022.