We hope everyone is being safe out there today. It’s raining pretty good which makes all the crops and grass happy but us people not so much. Come on down and see what all our vendors have to offer today and tomorrow. They have everything from fresh fruits and veggies, fireworks, firearms, and even antiques and collectibles. Some vendors offer handcrafted items like “made to order” wooden signs, etched glass, and homemade baked goods and preserves. We have two full-service restaurants for you to try that provide homecooked meals and snacks.
Be safe and come on down.

Food Vendor Updates

Toni’s Kitchen has caramel cake this weekend as well as a big pot of goulash. Check out her menu and grab some lunch or a snack on the corner of the yellow and red rows. I even saw farm fresh eggs for sale.

Diane’s Snack Shack has their usual homemade dinners and snacks and I even saw a chocolate fudge icing cake under the dome. They are on the corner of the green and red rows.

Debbie the Fruit and Veggie Lady right on the corner of the black and green rows always have a wide selection of fresh fruits and veggies to choose from. It might be a good day to make your own vegetable soup of some kind.

Dixie Woods Honey on the black row inside their cute little house always has a wide variety of honey products in different sizes as well as some farm fresh items.

Mystic Cottage Bakery on the corner of the yellow and blue rows has freshly baked cherry turnovers, cinnamon rolls, and chocolate chip cookies. Grab you favorite hot beverage and enjoy.

Vendor Updates

Buchanan’s Something for Everyone

on the black row is offering a small selection of ammo now, Stainless Steel Spinner Rings and even has a gentleman selling pure Silver Bars and Coins.

Mr. Johnsons’ Computer Repair and Sales will be doing Fridays for repairs and Sundays for sales for the next little while. He is always located on the black row with the big yellow sign above.

Hopes Cottage now opened on the green row has “made to order” wooden letter signs and other items being offered in her cute little shop close to the corner of the green and red rows.

Southern Women Crafts on the yellow row across from this fish and tackle shop is offering 50% off any item in her store this weekend. Just mention this announcement on the website. She will be renovated her shop next week to enclose it and have windows and a door. All to help keep the cool air inside for the summer. And she is offering website design, commercial videos (to share on YouTube and Facebook), and more for small businesses and local authors.

Weather King Sheds located at the front of the Market is selling sheds like hotcakes. There is a repo on the lot – marked down quite a lot – and a couple of new ones will be delivered this week. Don’t want the lot looking empty.

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