Come on down to the Market on Friday’s Folks. The schools are in and it is time for the parents to play. We are getting more of our winter vendors into the market and more and more of them are opened on Fridays. You just never know what you are going to find. Why not stop by and check us out. You can get your computer repaired, or perhaps pick up a much-needed device.

You can get your fresh fruits and veggies. You can even pick up a gift for yourself or a loved one with a birthday coming up. We got bright and colorful tie-dye tees on the Yellow Row as well as all your smoke needs at B&E Smoke Shop also on the yellow row. Our food vendors have meals and snack fair for you to enjoy. Of course, you can always pick up some much-needed hardware, get your lawnmower serviced, or pick up some supplies for a new canopy for some shade.

If you cannot make it today we will be here Saturday and Sunday too. We look forward to seeing our customers and vendors every weekend. No two days are the same and none of our vendors are the same either. If you would like to become a vendor drop on by the office 8 am to 4 pm Friday, Saturday, or Sunday and we will talk. In the meantime, enjoy and keep safe out there y’all!

You can send us an email through our contact form, please be patient we will respond as quickly as possible. We also would hope that you visit our social media pages on YouTube and Facebook, Subscribe, Like, Share and Comment as often as possible.

Walk Around the Market Last Weekend