We have made it to the second weekend in December for the last year in this decade. It is a rainy, foggy Friday but we hope the rest of the weekend will have more sunshine to encourage more visitors. Of course, Fridays are great to get a jump start on your shopping as we have a great fruit and veggie stand, a computer sales guy who can repair and sell you a laptop, entertainment vendors with lots of different sizes of TVs and so much more opened today. It is a great time to grab a meal, walk around the rows for exercise and do a little shopping besides. We have had a couple of vendors close down this week but that just means that there are more opportunities for you to start your very own business. Come on down and see what we have!

Available Spaces for Monthly Vendors

These booths for monthly vendors has a tendency to go fast. There are others booths on the Black and Red Rows that are considered temporary and just for the weekend. And, of course, there is the outdoor area which is strictly weekend tables. Call the main number and speak to Miss Lydia for more information.

Vendor Updates

This is the last weekend for the Hunters Homemade Creations on the Black Row. Due to health issues they are taking the winter off. Please drop by sometime this weekend and say, goodbye and wish them luck. So that booth may be available next weekend if it hasn’t already been rented.

Miss Flo of Flo’s Alterations on the Green row has caught the flu and will not be in today and probably out for the weekend. We hope she gets better real soon.

If you are looking to start a used clothes shop stop on by the “GAME ON” booth on the Green Row. Trish and Stephen are looking to get rid of their entire clothes inventory. Come on down and make them a deal!

Granny B’s Fudge and Baked Goods will be closing down due to health and family reasons. We hope to see her and her great cookies and pies back real soon. If you see her walking around this weekend please wish her well. On the Green Row


Toni’s Kitchen featured meals are homemade spaghetti and garlic bread on Friday and Barbecue Ribs, Baked Beans and Cole Slaw on Saturday until she runs out. Located on the corner of the Yellow and Red Rows.

Diane’s Restaurant is having their regular specials for the weekend along with some great cakes for dessert. Come on by and get a home-cooked meal or even a nice snack. Located on the corner of the Green and Red Rows.

Walking Around the Market on Friday – More Pictures on Saturday will be on Facebook