Happy National Independent Retailer Month!

We hope that all of our visitors will come by and support our local vendors this month. Small businesses make up over half of all the business transactions and they need the help of local people to keep going. Being an Independent Retailer myself is a great learning experience and, hopefully, some day, a means to support myself. Anyone who is willing to work hard and keep at it can become an independent retailer. The Chiefland Farmers Flea Market is like a business incubator in that small business can start here and grow if they desire without having to pay large fees for retail space. You don’t even have to sign a year’s lease to get started.

Don’t get me wrong having a job or even a career is nice for a lot of people but there are many of us out there who just don’t fit into the corporate mold and would like to be our own boss, control our working hours and be a success just like everyone else. Having access to inexpensive “retail spaces” is the key to getting more small businesses started in this country. If you support local businesses of all kinds you will eventually get more small businesses started as well. Who knows you might be able to start your very own. Check out the picture below of booth and 1/2 right next to Southern Women Crafts on the Yellow Row that could be the start of your new business venture. Service Providers, Crafters, and even Florida Cottage Industry Businesses come on by and just imagine the possibilities!

A Little Paint and your products artfully displayed


We hope you are checking our Community Calendar page as well as “Following” us on Facebook to keep abreast of all the new and exciting events that the Market is sponsoring over the next several months.

This weekend the Adopt-A-Pet people will be coming back on Saturday and they are bringing a friend who also has pets for adoption. Check out the Red Aisle Booths 13 and 15.The Hurricane Preparedness Seminar is being held Saturday on the Black Row Booth 2 with a representative from the Levy County Florida Emergency Management Office giving away information packets and answering your questions.

Next month we have the Blood Bank coming over for the day, a seminar on Fall and Winter Gardening and a very special celebration for the Market – our 20th Anniversary! Keep checking our Facebook page and the website calendar for more information about these and our other great events we have scheduled soon.


Diane’s Restaurant is featuring their breakfast sandwiches this weekend. Come on by and see what they have. In the mean time enjoy a picture of two of their featured desserts. Yummy!

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Toni’s Kitchen is still featuring their delicious Seafood Po-Boy Sandwich plate. They are working on creating a lovely new menu for their customers to be able to take home with them as well as a great new poster featuring their delicious menu in both English and Spanish!

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If you haven’t had a chance to come by our Market on Fridays you might want to give us a try. There are some great vendors opened, the crowds are fewer, and you just really never know what you are going to find. Besides with our wide, cement aisle it is a great place to get in a little exercise as well. Grab a couple of your friends and head on over to the market to support our small business vendors, to find that perfect gift, to get a little exercise or just because you want to.