Most of our vendors here at the market strive to present their wares in a colorful, engaging, and thoughtful manner. Walking down the aisles you get views of those colorful objects almost down every single row. Since we are supposed to have nothing but sunshine those nice views will be welcomed under the shade of our roof and the large trees out back. We do have very nice and wide cement walkways all the way around the market and we are pet friendly. Yes, the pets must be on a leash and under your control at all times. There are watering stations around the market for your furry friends.

Tips for New Vendors

Opening your booth by 8:00 am is not a requirement for those who have a monthly spot. It is encouraged to at least be opened by 9. For those who have just a weekend spot inside or outside, we do strongly encourage you to arrive early, pay for your table and get set up. The warmer months are coming and more and more people will be wanting to get in their shopping early before it gets too hot. Those tables are available on a first=come, first-serve basis.

Also, for the monthly vendors who plan on being here for longer than a few months, we hope you will put up signs with a business name and let the website person know so she can come by, take a few pictures and add you to the vendor directory. Of course, if you have a business card we can take a picture of that and add it to our Vendor’s Page. This is a great way to advertise your business as the website person adds a link to your business website or social media page. Check it out for yourself.

Finally, if you have any questions about becoming a vendor we have information for you on our NEW VENDOR page. We always encourage all of our vendors to decorate their assigned spaces in a pleasing and neat manner. Taking advantage of upcoming holidays to switch around your merchandise is a good way to garner new interests in your wares and please be present, be polite and try to be helpful if you can.