This is our third weekend of the month of January and for a lot of us it is a holiday weekend. Communities around the county and North Florida area will be having various events and even parades for Martin Luther King’s Birthday. For the vendors at the Market is it just another weekend that we all hope you will drop on by and shop a little before you go to other events. It is a fun place to explore and there is just no telling what you are going to find. Yes, some of our new vendors have already packed up and gone to other places but that is the nature of the business. It just makes it more fun for our visitors.

If you are thinking of starting your own business and would like to have a place to set up shop the Chiefland Farmers Flea Market is a pretty good place to start. They have spaces from 10×10 to 10×40 with some enclosed and some just partially enclosed. The owners do not mind if you put up walls, doors and windows in the monthly booths but just remember to keep it neat and it stays when you leave. The rates are more than reasonable for commercial rental space and you can operate under the Market’s business license while you are here. Come on down and take a look at what’s available. Let your imagination take over and think about the possibilities of having your very own business in a prime location right next to the highway.

Restaurant Updates

Toni’s Kitchen is having homemade meatloaf with scalloped potatoes and cheesy broccoli as well as her chili and chocolate brownies.

Diane’s Snack Shack is featuring Open Face Chicken and Gravy Sandwiches with Mash Potatoes; homemade lasagna; chili or spaghetti and meatballs.

Vendor Specials

Y&S Treasures is getting rid of their clothing inventory. Drop on by her shop on the Yellow Row and pay only $50 for the entire lot of clothes and shoes.

Southern Women Crafts is the Yellow Row is still running their 50% off all hand crocheted items sale till the end of the month. That is available in the shop and online as well.

We are doing something different this week. We created a short video of our tour around the market on Friday. Hope you enjoy it. Please share, comment and like.