Happy Father’s Day to all those who fulfill that role for someone

The Chiefland Farmer’s Flea Market today is not as busy as it will be tomorrow but come on down anyway. You just never know what you’re going to find, the crowds are lighter and our hard-working vendors have lots to offer if you are shopping for the father figure in your life. Most vendors open up around 8:00 am every Saturday and Sunday. We are working on getting more to open on Fridays as well. So, please, come on down and check us out on Fridays as well as the rest of the weekend.

Restaurant Update:

Toni’s Kitchen is featuring fresh Chef Salads and cold plates this weekend. Beat the heat and grab yourself one of these this weekend. Heck, get it to go and enjoy at home later. (Oh, yea beating the heat with these!)

Diane’s Restaurant has a great Baked Ham and Homemade Mash Potato Plate this weekend as well as their daily homemade spaghetti dinner plates with homemade sauce and your choice of meatballs or Italian sausage (YUMMY!)

Vendor Update:

Some of our vendors are moving around, sprucing up, down-sizing or up-sizing and a few are just taking the summer off but will be back in the fall.

Buchanan’s Tools and Housewares – Black Row-Booth 26, 28, 30 – Has completely renovated their booth space and now it is more free flowing and spic-n-span.

JJ’s Rustic Crafts and Stuff has moved from the Blue Row to the Green Row Booth 35 and 37. Come on by and see all of their great items on display with more room to see them.

George – The Key Guy – Orange Row – Booth 11, 13 – is expanding to include other items for sale besides keys. Check out his booth as he is cleaning and rearranging as we speak.

Hers and His Lidlbit of Everything Shop – Orange Row – Booth 4, 6 – Booth opens to both the row and the outside vendors area and has lots of items you can pick up for your special “Dad”

Pam’s Treasures is downsizing for the summer but staying on the Black Row. She will be moving to a weekend only booth for a couple of months . Don’t forget now she sells a lot of her items on Etsy as well.

The Shady Oak Farms – Yellow Row- Booth 34, 36 is closed for the summer until August 24, 2019

Mary’s Produce – Black Row – Booth 25, 27 is closing permanently due to illness. She will be missed but we wish her improved health and long life.

Market Update:

With vendors downsizing, leaving and moving around there are a couple of booths that are now open for rent. Come by the office to see what is available and how you can create your very own small business. Great opportunity for craft person’s of all kinds as well as Fruits and Vegetables, Specialty Items, etc.

The market is still working on upgrading their brochure, adding more events to attract more people and sprucing up the market. They are also asking the monthly vendors to try and keep their spaces clean and not quite so crowded.