It’s that time of year when there is a holiday almost every single month. February has Valentine’s day where we give and receive cards and candy and some of the lucky few get other types of gifts from their sweeties. Whether you have a special someone or not treat yourself anyway with your favorite chocolate, a small gift or take a little trip over to the Market and grab yourself something special. Our bakers have lovely cupcakes. The coffee lady has freshly ground coffee to go with it. Our fruit and veggies ladies have lots of fresh, local produce to create a great salad, your own kind of dessert or even a special meal.

Food Vendors

Toni’s Kitchen – is not featuring anything special this weekend as Toni is still recovering from surgery from last week. However, you can still get a homemade fresh breakfast cooked up or burgers or hotdogs with hot fries on the corner of the Yellow and Red Rows.

Diane’s Snack Shop has a couple of desserts under glass along with some fresh coffee in the pot every morning. Great for this cool weather. They also have their old standbys ready to go in the afternoon. Check out the latest on their menu board on the corner of the Green and Red Rows.

Mystic Cottage is cooking up a bunch of strawberry cupcakes for the weekend. She also created a large pink cupcake called a ‘Pinata Cupcake” with Hershey’s kisses in the center that she cut open this morning and is offering samples of until they’re gone. Come on by her booth on the corner of the Yellow and Blue Rows.

Debbie the Fruit Lady on the corner of the Black and Green Rows has those strawberry onions, mini bananas as well as plant city strawberries this weekend. Come on down and grab yours before they are all gone.

Van Dyk Coffees is down the Black Row and has a wide selection of freshly ground coffee beans for sale as well as cups of coffee and handmade chocolate and toffee treats. Get a medium or large cup of home-roasted specialty coffee today.

Dixie Honey on the Black Row has a wide variety of locally sourced honey that you can get for your honey. Great for baking, adding it to a cup of a hot tea or spreading it on toast or biscuits, yummy! and Good for you too.

Market Events

The Spay to Pay people have asked to cancel their Registration Only Event here scheduled for February 15th. Their schedule is filled out for the next couple of weeks. You will have to contact them directly to see when the next registration event will be held in Chiefland.

Sadly, the WIFI service around the Market has been a little wonky since the storm blew through. We lost a couple of canopies as well. Please be patient as we get everything back to normal. Of course, if you need a new canopy then come on over to Griffeth Tools on the corner of the Yellow and Orange Rows and pick up all the items you need to replace yours today.

New Vendors

We have gotten a couple of new vendors to the market in the last two weeks. We hope you take the time to stop by their booth and Check out what they have to offer.

One is on the Yellow Row across from Dixie Depot and creates custom wooden signs.

The other is on the Blue Row and is a Chainsaw Artist. He states he created the famous Manatee Statue in Manatee Springs State Park. Now he is doing smaller things.

Enjoy this weekend’s pictorial walk-through here at the Market – Stay Warm Now!