It was very disappointing but with the threatening weather of a named storm passing through the north Florida area all but one of the authors decided they didn’t want to take a chance driving over for the say. We have rescheduled the event for November 16, 2019 and we will be located in the front yard area underneath the oak trees in tents. We will be inviting published authors, artists who want to attend, graphic artists and others who can help a local writer get published and hopefully even make some money doing it. We hope that the local libraries and middle and high school Creative Writing/Journalism teach might come on by too.

We are filling up with monthly vendors so that the outside area along with part of the red and black rows are they only places for people to set up just for the weekend. Remember, Fridays are FREE if you purchase a weekend table. We do have security on site but we are not responsible for any items left over night and not secured properly.

The Pay to Spay people are extremely popular and the market supports their efforts. We have listed their upcoming dates on our Facebook page and the calendar of events page here on the website. They have only one registration day schedule here before the end of the year but have other places around town you can come by and get your application in and pay your fee. Please check on their website for more information.

We have a few more new vendors moving in and we will get some nice pictures when they are set up and ready to roll. A couple of vendors will be moving around to other areas of the market so be on the lookout for that. In the mean time look below for some nice pictures from this weekend.